Tip: Fix classpath order for eclipse/GWT for happiness

I’ve been doing some eclipse/GWT programming and one thing that’s bothered me is that I haven’t had any of the benefits of having the source code – especially having the parameters named properly when I auto-complete something.  I finally decided to look into this more closely and I realized that I do have source code for all the GWT classes, so why wasn’t I getting proper completion?

The problem: gwt-servlet.jar was earlier in the classpath than gwt-user.jar.  gwt-servlet.jar doesn’t have the source code in it.

The solution: Move Google Web Toolkit to the top of the build path!  Now I get lovely documentation when I’m completing, and I don’t have to rename all the parameters to my AsyncCallback implementations.


One Response to Tip: Fix classpath order for eclipse/GWT for happiness

  1. tamas says:

    thanks! it works for me now too.

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