Can Java learn from python when it comes to library design?

When it comes to the language wars, I eventually came to realize that productivity in a language is driven first by the library that comes with the language (if any) and second by the IDE’s that are available for that language.

One thing that makes python great is that they integrate a lot of useful stuff right into the core library. Java, unfortunately, hasn’t done a great job of following this lead. For example, they don’t provide a way to encode a Base64 string by default. When I use my IDE to search for classes with the name Base64, I get a rather amusing list of re-re-implementations and copies of the same class, all because the Java library maintainers are unable or unwilling to put this common functionality into the library.

Anyway, when I saw this, I thought “Java could really learn a few things from python about having a feature rich standard library …”

All the completions of Base64 in my Java EE app


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